Featured Article: A Brian Brightly Film LIARS ALL

Sundial Pictures Presents, a Brian Brightly Film, LIARS ALL starring Matt Lanter of  90210, The Roommate, Vampires Suck, and Sorority Row, Torrance Coombs of The Tudors, Gillian Zinser of 90210, Manson Girls, with and Alice Evans of  Lost, and Sara Paxton of The Innkeepers, Last House on the Left, and Shark Night 3D.
The plot unfolds on New Year’s eve in London, as a provocative game spins out of control and ends in murder, the true killer elusive amidst conflicting testimony and hidden motives.  This alluring thriller targets the young, hip crowd, inviting them into a lustful fantasy adventure. A stylish, intimate night of shared secrets and newfound intimacies takes some unexpected turns, creating a mystifying evening from which no one will emerge unharmed.

Director Brian Brightly quotes, “The cast is brilliant… Their performances will be as daring and passionate as the game itself.” LIARS ALL is an evocative, psychosexual thriller about lust and desire – and the lengths some will go to prevail. Preferred Content is handling the North American sales of the film, and Cinema Management Group selling foreign rights. Be on the lookout for LIARS ALL!

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